Монеты мира - 25 pesos - Silver 8 reales Argentina
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25 pesos - Silver 8 reales Argentina

Номер в каталоге2907
Номинал25 pesos
НазваниеSilver 8 reales Argentina
СерияFifth Iberoamerican Series: Sailing
Год выпуска2003
Металл, пробасеребро (Ag)
Тираж, шт.12 000
Монетный дворFabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre
Вес, г27.0
Диаметр, мм40.0
ПодробностиThe obverse of the coin shows the Frigate Presidente Sarmiento, so named in acknowledgment and appreciation of the founder of the Naval School. It was launched on August 31, 1897 and its seaworthiness tests were completed in May 1898. From 1899 it was in service as a Naval Ship. In 1961 it became the Argentinean Navy’s Museum Ship, and was finally declared a National Historic Monument.

Silver 8 reales Argentina

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