Монеты мира - 10 euros - Silver 8 reales Spain
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10 euros - Silver 8 reales Spain

Номер в каталоге2910
Номинал10 euros
НазваниеSilver 8 reales Spain
СерияFifth Iberoamerican Series: Sailing
Год выпуска2003
Металл, пробасеребро (Ag)
Тираж, шт.12 000
Монетный дворFabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre
Вес, г27.0
Диаметр, мм40.0
ПодробностиThe design on the obverse of this coin is based on an engraving by the artist Jos? Espin?s Gisbert (1877-1956), who joined the Casa de la Moneda in 1924 as an assistant coin engraver. The engraving represents a 16th century galleon. The development of overseas trade required well-built, steady ships that could face up to the heavy ocean swell, that had a good complement of sails and that were capable of accommodating a heavy dead weight, both in artillery and in goods and foodstuffs. The galleon weighed from 300 to 800 tons and had an overall length of 30 meters.

Silver 8 reales  Spain

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